Origin Story

Legend has it that the game’s elusive designer, known only by his internet handle DukeZhou, labored 7 years to “find a game in Sudoku”.

“It’s really cool but it’s just a puzzle, you know?” He could be heard muttering at the coffee shop, caffeinated to the eyeballs, “But there’s a game in there somewhere.”

In the 8th year, right around Easter, in despair over the countless failed attempts, he said “fuck it” and sat down to play Fallout 3. Day became night, night became day, and soon a week had passed, irl. Wandering in the wasteland with only Dogmeat and ‘Ol Painless as his companions, not so much musing as thinking nothing at all, nine simple rules dropped into his head.

Astonished, he grasped instantly that this was something. Unable to shake the epiphany, he immediately dropped his controller and set about to mocking up a gameboard.

Next he called his buddy, a formidable strategist and player of Chess, who was intimately familiar with DZ’s previous attempts, both the promising starts and the promising failures. This new game was something entirely different. They sat down to play.

Hours later, as dawn approached, they realized something wondrous had been born.