Resolution is the term used for Awarding of contested Regions on the gameboard to determine the victor.

In the course of [M] games, opposing players will have points in the same regions. These Regions are known as “contested”. Resolution is the process of awarding contested Regions to the Player dominant in those region. The dominant Player is the player with the most points in the Region.

But there is a catch.

Regions do not resolve at the same time, but in a sequence, starting in the regions with the greatest instability. The greater the point differential between contesting Players, the greater the instability.

When a Region has been Resolved and awarded to the dominant Player, all the numbers in the Region convert to the dominant Player. This is known as “flipping”.

When a number flips, dominant Player gets its Power and Influence. If that number is on a strategic border, this could shift the balance of power in neighboring Regions.

Resolution continues until all Regions have been Resolved. The Player controlling the most regions is declared the victor.