Version Zero

Inspired by espresso and w3schools, lured by the talk of web developers of HTML5 as a “holy grail”, DZ took out his trusty iPad 2, downloaded a simple text editor, and, although he was not a programmer, began to code. Out of a simple, recursive loop the gameboard took shape. An interface was added and rules applied. The was no diagram, no structure, yet somehow through a series of nested loops, order emerged from chaos. 32K of poorly written code was all that was needed to generate a stunning array of potential games.

“We tested for over two years and never I never saw the same game twice. Even playing against myself, which I engaged in obsessively when analyzing strategies, reproducing a prior game was impossible. The array of possibilities is just too staggering, despite what are actually limited choices. That’s why I worked so long to develop something based on Latin squares–it was the factorial expansion.”

“When I discovered the game, by which I mean the 5 core rules dropped into my head, I knew I had something, but I had no inkling of the nuance and depth. That awareness would only emerge once we started to play. The revelations were astonishing.”

“A strategy would emerge that would seem unbeatable, only to be overturned by a superior method. Mistakes could be costly but pattern recognition and superior tactics could be used to gain the upper hand. You’d master one aspect, only to realize there’s another level. The game became a virus in the brains of some players—in a very real sense it’s a struggle to bend chaos to your will and that can be addictive.”

MClass Games

Serious Fun.