Frequently Asked Questions

1. Game Length – Game typically take about 10-20 minutes to play, but the play time will drop as players become more experienced. Early on, players may feel compelled to ponder every move and play out each game until the board is nearly filled, but just as in the game of Go, experienced players begin to recognize when additional moves will no longer affect the outcome, and as in Chess, familiarity with the mechanics reduce the time needed to choose optimal plays.

2. Opening Moves – Generally speaking, the best opening move is in the middle corner as you’ll have the most influence and power in that spot.

3. Color – No, it doesn’t matter what color you are. But, who doesn’t like being Indigo? With that said, it is assumed that the starting player has an advantage in the most basic form of the 9×9 game, but that has yet to be mathematically proven.

4. Shading – The shading of the board is one of the beauties of graphical beauties of the game. Shades tell players how much one dominates a region.

5. Why is there a Zero tile? – Zeros can come in handy to “block” your opponent from getting a spot that they really want.

6. Resolution – You don’t have to wait till the very end if both players agree to the resolution stage. Many times the game is “over” with a player in too strong a position even before all pieces are played.